HT Bypass vs Piggy Back

Ok, what I mean is this. While I don't have a true bypass on my pre (ARC LS15) it does have an attenuated VC and I plan on adding an av receiver for HT. My question is am I better off simply connecting all speakers to the receiver, with the FR and FL connected to both the receiver and the preamp? This way I'll be able to leave the 2 channel set up completely off when using the HT and not have to worry that the speakers won't match due to being driven by different amps. I'm just not sure if this will degrade the performance of the speakers when in 2 channel mode.

Any opinions on the best way to go here?
What you call "piggy back" is dangerous to your amps. Never connect two amps to the same terminals as they will shunt each other, possibly even with one of them not powered up.

Is the VC on the ARC stepped? If so, simply choose a comfortable setting and always use that for level setting and listening through the AVR. That will suffice as a HT bypass.

Thanks Kal... I didn't realize that. Good thing I thought to check first. I appreciate all the good advice.