HT Bypass from Parasound or NAD?

Can't bring myself to get rid of my AVR for home theater. A few TV shows and an occasional movie are all it's used for, but still, it sounds great when I do use it. So, to improve on my music listening I need a good stereo amp with HT bypass. My AVR being a NAD T758, I thought the NAD C268 or C298 would be great for driving my mains (Harbeth P3s). But then the Parasound NewClassic 200 caught my eye. I like its form factor and features, it's also a class D amp. Are there are current NAD or Parasound 200 users who can share their experience if using in an HT system? Thanks in advance!

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I had a parasound A21+.  It couldn't hold a candle to my kinki studios ex-m1.


Thanks for the response @carsbad. Must admit I've not heard of kinki studios. I'll have to research them a bit more. Looks like a Chinese-made product that just recently picked up US distribution, is that correct? Are you satisfied with the support or service of the product? In what ways did the A21+ fall short? 

I tried my Parasound preamp for running two channel but preferred my Marantz processor because the Parasound lacks room correction. The same holds true for every other bypass I have tried, my Marantz does great double duty of both two channels and MCH. I did add an external DAC for music and that was a significant upgrade.

Good point @kota1. I have Dirac on my AVR but for whatever reason, didn't like the sound after doing the correction so I don't use it. But, after seeing your comment, it would make sense to re-run the correction and try it again strictly for two-channel listening. I'll give it a try. Thanks.


It's nice when you get more use out of the equipment you already own. I am using Audyssey Pro and I went in and tweaked the settings after running it to get it just right.

So, to improve on my music listening I need a good stereo amp with HT bypass.

No, you don’t need a stereo amp, you need a stereo integrated amp.  Why?  The preamp section of your AVR sucks, so just replacing the amp only gets you halfway there.  Buy a good integrated amp with HT bypass and run the front L/R preouts from your AVR into it and you’ll get a much better result.  Also, no stereo amps have an HT bypass — only stereo preamps or integrateds can do that.  Best of luck. 

Thanks @soix. Yes, I do understand that. The NAD products are both stereo amplifiers while the Parasound is an integrated stereo amp. Part of why I'm leaning toward it, or something similar if there is anything else out there.