HT/AV Setup More Advice Needed

Starting to narrow in on my options I think.

As mentioned in a previous inquiry, the audio quality of the setup is extremely important to me since this is also my primary audio system. I don't care much about using it as a video controller as my TV has plenty of inputs and seems to handle the function just fine, would rather not invest $ in those features in a HT system.

So, I'm looking at a few options now in the under 2k price range. There doesn't seem to be a lot between about 2k and 4k, far as I can tell (but pls educate me if I've missed something worth looking at).

I realize there are a thousand threads similar to this already and have looked through many, but most don't share my exact requirements one way or another, so all help and input is appreciated!

How do you guys think these compare:

Outlaw 990 (pre/pro) / 7125 (amp)
Denon 3086 or 4086
or maybe used Rotel 1068 and some amp (Outlaw?)

For audio I feed the system with a Squeezebox3 (losslessly ripped CDs on a network storage device, basically), into an Audio Note DAC 1.1 (with some upgrades).

I'm currently looking at Totem Arro or maybe Nola Mini's for front l/r speakers, but if finances allow when the time comes may consider a higher-end floorstander like Soliloquys or Aerials in the under 2k range used.

How does this sound so far? Any obvious errors or ommissions? Alternatives?
I have a Krell HTS 7.1... (i upgraded from a Proceed AVP). After living with it about 2 months, i realized i could have purchased a used HTS 5.1 and gotten all i'll ever use out the 7.1 i purchased.

There's actually one for sale on the site right now for 1800$ (and no i don't know the guy selling it).

The only thing i don't like about it is that it runs pretty warm. In a sealed room like mine, it adds enough btu's that you might wish you had some more ventilation.

If your not familiar with the Krell HTS series, they used the same analogue preamp that's in their serious two channel gear. It sounds quite good. I run my DVD standard analogue out (for two channel mode) into the HTS. Sounds really sweet (i have martin logan ReQuests). For movies i run the digital out from my DVD standard...and it's very nice. Extremely dynamic.

Amplification is another matter though, for that you really need to consider what you'll be driving. I moved from levinson (334) to plinius (sa 250 mkIV) for my martin logan's and have really enjoyed the change. The levinson sounded great but couldn't keep up with the movie sound tracks. The plinius has more power and drives the martin logans with more authority. Maybe your not looking in that price range, but the point is that the amp really needs to be paired intelligently with the speakers. I'd suggest find the speakers you like the most in your budget, then look for amp recommendations (figuring that your first recommendation is probably what you auditioned them with).

Anyway...just a couple of thoughts.

Remember this is more of a journey then a final decision. It'll make the first decisions a little easier to swallow.