HT amp selection

I am building a 7.2 home theater room and I need to find some amplifiers. Using Vandersteen 3A's for the mains, a VCC-1(undersized i know, but im waiting to drop 2K on the vcc-5) 2CE Sigs for the sides, and 2c's for the rears & a pair of older 2W subs I have for stereo subs

I'm currently using a crown xls-402d (300pc into 8 ohms) for the 3A's and I was looking at the crown xls-202 (200 wpc into 8 ohms) series for the sides & rear ($169.00 a piece new delivered) I like the price point but I don't know if im short changing the Vandys

some day I'd like to upgrade to something amazing but for right now I'm just trying to get the room going

does anyone have ideas on something with a decent price point that's going to sound better than the crowns (im not trying to start a pro vs audiophile gear argument, just looking to maximize my dollars before i spend them)?