HT ADVICE plz and bst 5ch amp for ~$1k

hi all - i've got a lexicon dc-1 pre/processor, Krell KAV-250a, JM Labs SW38A sub, B&W 804, 805, HTM-1 setup and need 5 channels of amplification to complete my logic-7 system (2 rears, center and 2 sides). I've got about $1k left - would appreciate opinions on which amp to buy (I'll buy used) and/or other setup options. I like the bass slam of the Krell (love it, actually!) and would like a slammin' 5 ch amp, since it will feed center and effects mostly, not music). Thanks all!
Hi Bazmataz, There are some guys who post at this site who have more experience with 5 channel amps than I do but, I have an friend who has an ATI 5 channel amp and likes it very much. They retail for around $1800 and might be found for grand if you look for a while. I think it won the Gold award( 2nd, place) in Stereophile Guide to Home Theaters' recommended components issue). Good luck. Keep us posted.
Check out the EAD Powermaster 500. 5x100 watts. Does a good job with 2 channel audio as well. Used ones can be found on Audiogon for $1300.
I agree about ead. also for about 1300- used you could get a sunfire cinema grand- very flexable, powerful. either of these is well worth spending 300- extra to get over the 1000- options. good luck.