HSU ULS-15 Sub

Anyone own this sub? I'am currently trying to decide on a sub for HT duty only. I was down to a Velodyne DD 12 or JL Audio F12 but the HSU is less $$ and goes lower. Plus you get a 30 day in home trial. Has anyone compared the HSU to either of my other choices? Thanks Gary
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I use to be a Hsu dealer and still have 2 pairs of their older subs. They have always worked well for me and the company gives good service.
Bob_reynolds The SVS PB 13 Ultra if it were smaller in size would work but it is just to large for me. Anything deeper than 20" is just to big. Looks like a great sub otherwise.
I owned a DD12 before I had the F112. The DD is a great sub but the JL took every aspect of its(DD) performance to the next level. I did like the SMS of the Velo but that couldnt off-set the noticable performance increase. Cant go wrong either way but there is a superior choice between the two.
I have tried out the REL T-9 in my system, and while it melded well with my Von Schweikert VR-5 HSE speakers and sounded quite good, it didn't have that really low depth to it that I wanted for live rock recordings and HD TV movies.

While I was saving up for a sub, I came across some very convincing reviews on the Hsu subs. the VTF-3 MK5 HP and VTF-15 H Mk2 really piqued my interest, but they did not meet up with the all-important WAF (Wife Approval Factor -- they were too big). Thus, I will be auditioning and writing a review of the Hsu ULS-15 Mk 2 very soon that, according to Hsu's site, are the most musical subs in their line.


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Here's a link to my review of the ULS-15 Mk2 sub:


You can also find a shortened version of that review here on these pages (i.e., Member Reviews)


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