hsu uls-15 mark ii vs Velodyne Optimum 10

I have an opportunity to buy either of these for about the same price. The HSU is a 15" but actually rated lower in power than the Velodyne.  (2000/600 vs 2400/1200). I believe both are sealed type. I will be using for music, not HT. Fairly large room (16x22 with an open entranceway) Any thoughts.  Thanks.

The Hsu is fantastic, and many are tunable with variable Q and porting.  Beautiful finish as well.

Power isn't going to be your determining factor really. Subwoofers are evil dominatrix's that look like the sweet girl next door (or boy next door to be gender neutral).  They are not plug and play and require careful attention and integration.

If the Velodyne comes with built in room correction it's your clear choice.

Also, in a room that large, you may want to eventually get 2.

I highly recommend miniDSP for DIY room correction and subwoofer integration along with Room EQ Wizard (free) or OmniMic (Not free, damn nice).

Also, if you dont' already, check out GIK Acoustics for bass and sofit traps.



Oops, just read your models. From a sound quality get the Hsu. When it comes to high output and low distortion there is no substitute for inches. Yes, I am a Hsu fanboy.

Having said that, the original point about integration is still true. Smaller subs, smaller speakers, are less likely to get into trouble, so for a lot of listeners the smaller diameter woofer is going to be a lot easier to get along with.

The point about power not mattering still stands. Having a bigger diameter woofer, the Hsu will probably be more efficient and able to produce higher SPL’s at lower frequencies, by a fair amount. However you’ll have to do the room integration yourself. This is the way I go, but then I build speakers, so the measuring, and tuning is second nature to me.

You may find that the V 10 has ample output and the push button EQ a joy to live with.

Lastly, pay attention to the floor space, some of the Hsu's are monsters. :)


I own a pair of HSU ULS-15 subs and I think they represent a fantastic value. I've owned Velodyne, M&K, SVS and JBL subs over the last 20 years and I'm convinced that any particular sub is much less important than spending the effort on the setup.

You must be getting a heck of a deal on the Velodyne, because a pair of the ULS-15 sells for the same list price as a single Optimum 10.

Velodyne has a long history of building top quality subs that minimize distortion. Unfortunately, they are fairly expensive. The Optimum has an EQ system that could be very beneficial for a music system.

That said, if you have the room for the ULS-15 (it's an 18" cube), I think it would be a better fit for your room size. A pair would be even better.
The old M&K subs kind of totally sucked, IMHO, and the one I took apart was clearly overrated in power, based on the size of the internal caps.

Otherwise, I agree completely with @bob_reynolds

I’d rather have a Hsu 15’s properly integrated than ANY other sub not integrated well.  And if I could get 2, bonus! :)


@erik_squires I found the M&K MX-350 THX to be an excellent product in all respects. Its dual driver orientation designed to cancel 2nd order harmonic distortion (which is always the highest component) worked as expected. That sub was measured at the AV Talk forum (now defunct I think) and the distortion graph showed the 2nd order component impressively suppressed.


The M&K sat/sub system reviewed above has been used to do the sound design for many movies; several of which one sound design academy awards. See the list below.


I also owned the passive S-150 THX monitors. They got me off the road of floor standing speakers.

@bob_reynolds Yeah, after the one's I had. :)

I owned the S-1B satellites and matching subwoofer bought them based on reputation and I always found them to have been overrated. However that was long before they introduced the series you are referring to.

I never really had a chance to listen to M&K again.  AFAIK they over-diversified into too many different models of speakers with mostly cheap components and then got undercut by their manufacturer.

Sadly, if there was a truly golden age, or golden line of speakers from them I never encountered them except in reviews.



I was still a customer when they went under. The story that Ken was peddling was that counterfeit products were being sold online. I believe they were still doing their own design and manufacturing at the end. A Danish (I think) firm bought the remaining inventory, designs and name.

I believe one of their designers went to JL Audio when JL wanted to enter the home market. I think that's how Barry Ober (http://soundoctor.com/jlaudio.htm) ended up working with JL. Barry was M&K's customer support, web guy and designed their last active 2-way speakers.


I have a pair of HSU ULS-15 (1st generation). I can tell you they do not lack for power in my 14'x 36' living/dining room which is also open to the rest of the house (kitchen/loft/hallway, cathedral ceiling, etc).

I moved up to this pair from a pair of SVS SB12+. The SVS subs integrated better with my mains, but did not have the output required for my space. The ULS-15s go low with authority. I had some peak issues at certain frequencies with the ULS's and now have excellent integration using an SVS AS-EQ1. Probably one of the best (least expensive) pieces I've added to my system. Easy to set up and with great results. If you have room in your budget and can find one, I highly recommend the AS-EQ1 (you will need an old Windows laptop to set it up, I picked one up for $50 on my local CL.)

The ULS-15 should have plenty of output in your current space. Looks like the Velodyne has auto EQ however, which is something to consider if you're not a tinkerer.
The service at Velodyne for me has always been 5 star. Have had my HGS 18 in twice over its long life and have been very happy with the service.
enjoy Pete