Hsu Tn1220 HO and amp, speaker cable question.

I recently purchased two Hsu Research TN1220 HO subwoofers and the Hsu Research Model 500 A subwoofer amplifier.
The owners manual says that you can run the two TN1220's in parallel from the amp, or at the subwoofer location.
The amp does have two pairs of binding posts.
I currently have one 32 foot run of 10 gauge Belden speaker cable going from the Hsu subwoofer amp to the subwoofer location. I then have the cable split, and have a 1 foot section of the Belden cable going to one of the subs, and another 1 foot section going to the other sub.
The subs are side by side.
My question is this:
Do you think that buying another 32 foot run of Belden 10 gauge cable, and then wiring up the two TN1220 HO's seperately, would give me any worthwhile improvements over the way I have it now, or do you think that I would be just as well off keeping it like I have it now?
Thanks for your help and advice.