HSU or Dayton Titanic from Parts Express?

Does anyone know anything about the Dayton Titanic Subs from Parts Express? How do they compare to the Hsu line of subs?

Thanks in advance!
i use 10"titanic with totem arros.this sub was recommended to me by r.johnson at green mt.audio.relative high quality at a very reasonable price.buy the kit,it is very simple to assemble and compact.don't know about hsu in comparison.
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I have a HSU VTF2 and the Parts Express Titanic 10" and I have found the Titanic sub to be just as good as the HSU sub. The fact that it is cheaper and much more attractive (than the original grey/black VTF2 anyway), is a bonus. I now have two matching Titanic 10" subs in my secondary family room HT system.
I have not heard the Dayton sub,but on a related topic,I HAVE heard the Vifa two way from Parts Express.

Subwoofers and boxes are not my thing,but it seems to me that the Vifa two way and the Dayton sub kits would be a good value for money spent.
Thanks for taking the time to provide your input. I appreciate it.