HRT Music Streamer USB DAC

I ran into this thing while I was searching the net for a USB cable that would allow me to use my current non-USB DAC and my PC.

Anyone heard of this, try it or have one?
Nope, but it appears to be a full-blown USB DAC, not something that would interface with your DAC. I have the Bel Canto USB Link which takes USB and outputs S/PDIF. It's been reviewed a bunch, which you can read on Google, but it's serving my needs nicely.
The blue circle thingee might be your cup of tea. It was recently reviewed in The Absolute Sound. I think it will work to pass s/pdif accoring to the article. It is around 180.00 if I remember correctly.

The manufacturer's response is a hoot. It is a full blow dac as well but the article seems to indicate you can use it as a dac. it is in the august 2009 article.

"The thingee funcitons as both a digital to digital converter and a dac."

The reviewer, Steven Stone, like it as a converter not as a dac. Quite a bit cheaper than the usb link above.

Richard Bischoff