HRT Music Streamer+ II

Has anyone heard this new unit yet? I own the previous streamer+ model, and it sounds good in my small secondary rig. I'm wondering how the new unit sounds in comparison, and if it's worth the cost of upgrading to the new unit?
Just set this up with Swan M200 MKII powered speakers. Total price $550. Its connected to my Dell X420 with XP Windows.

Very, very good for casual listening while I surf the internet. Van Morrison and Bob Marley sound really great through it. Actually has some bass in the speakers.

This is my first streamer so I can't compare it to anything else.
So I got this little guy today. Plugged it into the squeezebox touch and it powers up but "mute"is lit. I guess the SBT is not compatible with the SBT.

I'm assuming you did the required modifications to the SB Touch so the usb can be used as an output? Otherwise, it definitely won't work. Check the slim devices forum and search for John Swenson if you need more info. I'm not sure if they are going to be compatible, but the mods would be a prerequisite to make it work.