HRT music streamer +II 24 bit anyone?

Hi i have the 16 bit streamer + but HRT has just released the new 24 bit(improved)USB dac...any other USB dac's to consider?

Has anyone tried it ?

I just bought the Music Streamer+, I did not ralize that a new model was on its way to market. I guess thats why the price was suddenly discounted to $199.00
I've just bought the II to try out since the II+ wasn't available. Everywhere I've seen it listed says "pre-order" only right now.
You must mean you bought the HRT+(discontinued)The new II+ is avalable at

The + was really musical and dynamic i just wonder how would the 24 bit sound.
No, I mean I bought the Music Streamer II for $149, since everywhere has the Music Streamer II+ in limited availability or for pre-order only (even that web site you pointed out says limited availability.)

Anyway, I just bought it to try out. While it sounds goods and works great at 24/96 with my Mac, I'm going to return it and go with an Audio-GD DAC19 instead (already ordered but it's backordered as well! :)