HRT music streamer & Airport Extreme

Greetings, has anybody used the Airport Extreme USB output into a HRT music streamer for wireless music fed by a MacBook and iTunes? If so how was the function and sound quality vs. a direct feed from the MacBook USB?
Thanks in advance,
Bennett (aka:hififile)
It doesn't work that way to my knowledge.
I believe it will work that way.
The apple airport express outputs audio through USB and the HRT is a USB dac, so I think it would be fine!

Even the entry level products from HRT will be SIGNIFICANTLY better sounding than the USB output of a macbook.

Best of luck ***disclaimer, I am an HRT dealer, but I also sell a lot of other USB dacs and dollar for dollar the HRT are exceptional.
Buff - I think you should check the specifications of the Airport Express.

The USB port on it is for printer output only, the only audio output available is from 1/8 stereo mini jack, either optical via a Toslink cable or analog with a 1/8 mini plug.
The AE also has a gigantic JITTER problem with the digital output.
I'm not a fan, but I suspect a 'reclocking' device would help.

If I had it to do over again, I'd buy the Apple TV.....

Don't forget the 'mini toslink' adaptor. Don't worry about 'audiophile' here, since it is HOLLOW. And worth a buck. tops.
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The USB port on the Airport Extreme and Airport Express doesn't carry a digital audio signal. From Apple's website:
USB 2.0 port for connecting a USB printer or USB external hard drive
If you search the web, you'll find others with the same question.
I was referring to the Airport EXPRESS which has the huge jitter problem.
Stereophile measured it during testing.
Sorry for any confusion.
Magfan, I'm sure you're right about the measured jitter from the Airport Express but with a good DAC the AE is sonically excellent and in situations where it provides convenience and accessibility to music it works really well.
Thank you for the responses. Now I'm really confused. My question is regarding the Airport "Extreme" because it has the USB out. Even the kids at the Apple Store are 50/50, on the yes and no issue.

I think I will just keep taking the MacBook for direct USB hook up to the HRT & system and forget the wireless for now. Thanks again everyone!
The USB port on the Airport Extreme and the Airport Express is the same. On both of them, the USB connection is for a printer or USB drive only. There is no audio output.

Here is the language from the specifications page for the Airport Extreme on the Apple Web site, "USB 2.0 port for connecting a USB printer or USB external hard drive."