HRT DAC upgrade vs. Pure Music ?

Most of my computer listening is streaming CD's through MOG. For a $4.99 monthly fee, you get unlimited playback of about a gazillion albums . For me, that's way easier than ripping CD's to my computer, and way less expensive than buying music album downloads. What's a better way to spend my money ...... $125 to upgrade my HRT MusicStreamer II to the "II +" version, or $129 to purchase Pure Music for my MacBook Pro ? Which of these two options will give me a more significant improvement in the sound of music ?
Try BitPerfect on the app store. You might just be pleasantly surprised.
Thanks Doggie... I'll check it out. I'm now in the third day of my free fifteen day trial with Pure Music, and although it sounds very nice with the few downloads I have, it doesn't jive at all with It seems to only work with music that I run through iTunes, and MOG (either as an app or via my Safari browser) does not play through iTunes ... it is independent. Most of my listening enjoyment is still with LP's and CD's, but I am certainly having fun exploring all kinds of albums through MOG.
I don't own a HRT streamer +, but users report that there's a
significant improvement over the "II" version.

Here's a review: