HRS M3X vs Granite slab on HRS Nimbus?

I'm wondering if a 23x21" granite slab supported by HRS Nimbus feet might make a poor man's H3X.  I suppose it'd be worth experimenting with couplers on both sides of the Nimbus spacer versus the spacer being in direct contact with the granite.

Any thoughts out there?
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I have Nimbus couplers under my Unitiserve and they make a world of difference. I would give it a try.

Granite rings like a bell very bad isolation the worst.Enjoy.

And yet the M3X is granite and the TOTL HRS base.

The M3X Isolation Base is the latest generation of reference level Isolation Bases from Harmonic Resolution Systems. It is manufactured from six different materials including two proprietary polymers, billet machined aircraft aluminum and polished black granite. 
The nimbus spacer should never be in direct contact with the granite.

In any case, I don’t think your proposal works. Direct coupling the granite to the floor would defeat much of the purpose and the nimbus couplers/spacers are not designed for that kind of weight as a sole support (note that the M3 feet do not resemble the nimbus combo) if your idea is that they will support the granite slab.

If your components are on the floor, you’re likely better off using audio points or some other solution with the same money you’re spending on the nimbus couplers/spacers.