HRS M3 users

I had a MS 4" platform with their brass footers under my Voyd TT. I really thought it sounded wonderful until I tryed a HRS M3 with Nimbus Spacers and Couplers. I sat down and took notes on music I am very familiar with. I then put the MS back in and again took notes. The HRS was a superior product in every way, so much so that I put the MS up for sale the same day. I was angry that I was duked into thinking Maple was a good platform for audio products.

For those who have upgrade fever I would recommend trying HRS with your gear to find out how good your audio components really are.

Any other HRS users out there want to chime in?

I use the HRS and they are indeed a wonderful improvement especially when used with source components.

Maple is a lovely sounding wood but an HRS is a very advanced multi tier solution for vibration induced pollution.
HRS ain't cheap. There may well be better/cheaper solutions but the science makes sense... each shelf being kept separate with big rubberized feet (they probably call them couplers) and heavy granite on top. I have one, I would probably buy another one. Have I compared 7 different racks? No, but perhaps the dealer above (audiooracle) has. Bottom line though, for my amp racks, I elected to go with Symposium Ultras because I noticed a lot of difference using rollerblocks on various things so I am hoping those work well.

Having said all of that, they are well made and I really appreciate the workmanship. My dad is a finish carpenter so I know of what I speak, I have never seen an American wooden product better made.

I also previously owned Mapleshade 4 inch maple platforms with added brass footers. They were are a very big improvement over using no isolation. However, other more advanced isolation products were a huge improvement over maple. Yes, they are more expensive than Maple, but I feel that the improvement was definitely a worthwhile investment.
Maple is indeed a good solution but there are lots better. Some might suit your taste better. The good thing about Maple is that it sounds natural but can at the same time sound muddy at times.I have not used the HRS platforms so cannot speak for it but I do have a HRS record clamp (they call it the analog disc). That is probably the best deal anyome can find in a record clamp. Difinitely an improvement and there is a good chance it betters some a few times it's price.