HRS Isolation Voodoo, anyone experienced this?

I was auditioning an HRS isolation platform for my turntable. When I took it back, not only did I notice a huge difference in the performance of my turntable, but also in the CD player 2 shelves below the turntable. I cannot believe that. How can this be so? I never used the platform under the CD player but somehow the Platform influenced the performance of the CD player as well. I was shocked. How can this be? Amazing VOODOO of some sort. Now everything sounds somewhat not right. I can't believe it.
Only one thing to do: Go back & buy it!
Undoubtably quantum entanglement; some of the particles of the platform became entangled with those of the CD player and they are still exerting an influence although physically separated. See "SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE" for further explanation.
I was reading about it on Wikipedia. Wow, that is weird. It made my CD player sound better and it was not even touching it. Wow, talk about getting your bang for the buck. I have to say they are absolutely imcredible platforms to be able to influence your system in such a way. They are made locally here in Buffalo as well.
One logical explanation may be that the HRS was damping or modifying some resonance in your rack that affects the CD player's performance even though it's on a different shelf.
Bill_k is right. A material has a natural resonance, which can be affected by adding weight to it, therefore creating a damping effect on the rack.
I was going to suggest that perhaps some of the pixie dust leaked out of the HRS device onto your CD player, but now that I read Bill's suggestion, I think he is closer to the answer than I am.
Crushed graham crackers make the best pixie dust. Sprinkle some on your turntable and see for yourself!
Seriously, don't.