HRS ADH Record Weight

Happy New Year everyone!

I recently got the Harmonic Resolution Systems ADH record weight ("H" in "ADH" stands for "heavy") to use with my VPI Classic turntable and felt compelled to post my impressions as I've been mighty impressed, to put it lightly.

I've never been a tweaks and gimmicks guy, but agreed to give it a try when my dealer told me I'd be blown away by the ADH. I took it for a weekend trial and bought it without reservation. Everything was improved: the background noise dropped quite dramatically, the sound became fuller, separation of instruments improved, bass became cleaner and deeper as if the speakers gained low frequency extension. Music sounded louder at the same volume level. Everyone I tested it on noted immediate and same improvements, with or without blind testing.

Since the ADH was designed to reduce air and structure borne vibration, none of the improvements should be shocking, especially given the fact that I live on the 4th floor of an apartment building in Southern California, but I am still blown away by the degree of improvement.

I wonder if anyone else has it and experienced similar effects on their system. I'd also like to know what my fellow A-goners think about its potential long-term effect on the turntable bearing since it weights almost two pounds. Since I also use the VPI periphery ring with my Classic and the two combined doubtless generate significant stress on the bearing, it is of great concern to me.

Lastly, I find it very interesting that HRS states in the manual that the ADH is designed for use with tangential tonearms and non-threaded spindles. I'm still waiting for a response from HRS what makes the weight more suitable for turntables with those features vs. unipivots for example, if safety precautions are observed as far as making sure the cartridge doesn't come into contact with the weight at the end of the record.

Any comments or feedback are welcome.
I talked to the Hrs people at takes 2013, Toronto audio video show. They said their heavier record weight made a huge difference on the classic tables, much the same as you just described. You have nothing to worry about the little extra weight on the bearing.

I get similar improvements using the ADH with my Raven One. However many Raven owners prefer no clamps or weights because of perceived losses in top end/ air etc.

In general the usual differences in taste, systems, turntable design and "voicing" apply here. No weight or clamp is free of coloration, but I hear nothing unnatural or amusical added when I use the ADH.

In particular the ADH provides a clear reduction in surface noise and certainly no increase in bearing noise due to the extra weight that I can detect. Noise and potential for damage of bearings are not likely to be issues with heavy unsuspended turntables like your VPI Classic.

I think HRS is just being cautious and conservative regarding the potential for damage to pivoting tone arms. I have no such concerns with my Basis Vector, which is essentially a unipivot.

Although the ADH is designed for unthreaded spindles, if you have no problems now with placing or removing yours on the VPI I would not worry about it. The ADH bore is lined with the same elastomer that is on its base. I suppose the thread on the spindle could abrade this elastomer if it was a tight fit.
Ianlane (and Moonguy),
Thank you for your response and I too do not hear any ill-effects of the weight after living with it for a few weeks now. I also agree that HRS was probably just being cautious when recommending the ADH with tangential tonearms and smooth spindles. I can see how a wide body cartridge could come into contact with the weight as it's not as contoured as the VPI clamp, which although actually a bit wider at the base, tapers off significantly above its base.

The ADH fits just about perfectly over the spindle so that I do not have to force it down or pull hard to remove it. Now, it only I could afford HRS racks!
If you like HRS weight you may want to try Clearaudio Statement record weight.
I have tried many record weights including both HRS and found Clearaudio best, however still prefer no weight at my Raven turtntable.

Clearaudio is suported by three points that decuples weight from records and this approach seems to be more effective than full surface coupling that most weights have.
If you like HRS weight you may want to try Clearaudio Statement record weight.
I have tried many record weights including both HRS and found Clearaudio best, however still prefer no weight at my Raven turtntable.
I’m auditioning the HRS ADH on my Clearadio Ovation, where I have been using a Quadro Clamp. I have noticed the HRS improves by smoothing out the highs (I think it’s helping eliminate some ringing distortion), and it adds texture and definition to the midrange and bass over what the Quadro does. I’m going to spend a few more days with it before deciding to buy it.

The Clearaudio Statment is twice the cost and out of my budget for such an accessory, since I still want to buy an outer ring as well.