Hrmm..24/96 Deluxe Ed of Damn the Torpedos

I'm curious to know if anyone else besides me was unmoved by the SQ of this re-release found on HDTracks?

I also own the original Red Book version of this album and always thought it sounded excellent to begin with so maybe I set my expectations too high when purchasing this new version.

Don't get me wrong the high Rez version sounds good but I wouldn't consider it worth the $33 purchase if I could do it over.
For a special version with extra tracks and remastered sound in 24/96. I don't think it was grossly over priced. As far myself spending $33 for it, most likley not. I agree with you that the Redbook version was recorded very well. I most likely would have picked a couple favs at two and a half bucks each.
I got the HDCD version at Walmart for $5. Sounds really good, good enough.
what year was the HDCD out and does it say that it`s HDCD on the package
I found it extremely good - better than MFSL. The clarity is superb. I use the same speakers as Tom Petty and the same as his sound engineer Ryan Ulyate -maybe that has something to do with it?
To me the CD sounded very muted to the point of needing to turn it up at least 5-8 more clicks on the volume knob then normal. At this level on my DAC/Pre volume position I would typically be in the +100db spl range in my listening room on other albums that I consider very well recorded.

I also have the Anthology box set that I think sounds excellent which doesn't have the same problem in my setup.

I am running the new B&W 803 Diamond line of speakers powered by a PASS x250 amp, Bel Canto DAC3 and Logitech Transporter.
I am a huge fan of HD Tracks, I really love what they do and how they do it.

This particular download purchase was not a good value in my opinion.

The reason you have to use the volume is because the dynamic range is preserved. 99.99% of all pop/rock is crushed by compressors so that there is no dynamic range left at all. So just crank it - on a good setup that can handle the large dynamic range it will sound great. You can play it much louder than usual because there is less compression ( since compression adds tons of distortion you cannot crank most pop/rock without it sounding harsh.)
The anthology box CD set has been compressed. You can read about this on line. I have the compressed CD's AND the bluray of the anthology which is uncompressed (as the band hears it).

I am afraid you prefer the sound of compressed music rather than the more open natural sound.(many do and that is why they master CDs hot - see loudness wars on google). On a system that is unable to play loud then the compressed music will have more punch and sound good at lower volumes. On a setup that can play very loud you will really get the live sound of the band with the uncompressed sound (from bluray or 24/96 HD with Tom Petty as Ryan has already confirmed that the CD's are compressed for regular consumers)

I know this will probably be controversial because everyone here thinks that they would prefer less distortion and not more, however, google the Ryan Ulyate interviews and it will confirm what I am saying,