HRAM 3910

Has anyone had experience with an HRAM (Hot Rod Audio Mod) 3910 Level 1 or 2 modded player? Your thoughts? Thanks,
Are you talking about the Reference Audio Mods 3910 or another unit?

If you are referring to the RAM 3910, I've been told that it is good by a few guys whose experience/exposure/acuity that I trust. How good? I can't say. I have no first hand experience.


I own a HRAM 3910 with clock upgrade front 3 channels and cd channel upgrade. this is the best multi channel audio player that I have had in my system, (greatly bested pioneer elite 38a and 47ai) very good soundstage, nice detail and non fatiging. Mike was very good to deal with.
P.S. video not bad either.....
I am referring to the HRAM (Hot Rod Audio Mods) not RAM (Reference audio mods). HRAM uses the APL clock in their modified 3910. They advertise here on Audiogon.

Thanks, Dsremer: anyone else have one of these?
No, but I have a hram level 2 coming in a few days. Will let everyone know.
Let us know what you think TWC.