HQ Vinyl Pressing Of Dire Straits Love Over Gold

So here I am trying to correct a terrible mistake I made 33 years ago when I sold my TT (Michell Engineering Transcriptor Hydraulic Reference, SME 3009 S2 and Stanton 681EEE) and vinyl record collection! I have the replacement turntable now (Michell Engineering GyroDec), tonearm will be delivered next week (SME IV) and cartridge TBD. I know what my first 3 vinyl albums are going to be; MOFI versions of Ricki Lee Jones, Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams and Miles Davis Kind Of Blue. So, my question to you all is my 4th album is going to be Dire Straits Love Over Gold; can anyone recommend a high quality pressing of this album?

Bit open ended this, a recommendation for a cartridge would be appreciated. I hear good things about Benz Micro Ruby 2. I am trying to keep the cartridge cost below $1k and don't mind buying used on Audiogon.
Based on the example of Brothers In Arms the one to beat is likely to be the MoFi 45rpm 2 disc set that will be released soon. The original U.K. pressing is my current reference. I’ve owned original US, Japanese and other current repressings but all are easily bested by an original U.K. copies of which are cheap and plentiful

The original U.K.

The upcoming 45rpm

Wow that MFSL version sounds like your answer. This is my favorite Dire Straits recording,my copy is a U.S. Quix ll promo copy and I'm very happy with the pressing.