HPM 150’s Still Relevant?

I’ve got some museum quality HPM 150’s that were NOS about 5 years ago that I have been enjoying, they have an amazing low volume presence and nice full sound, the imaging is excellent, I’m running them with a Bryston 4B ST and BP 25 Pre. My local hi-fi dealer recommends changing them out for a more modern pair of speakers any thoughts?
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If you like the speaker why change? A quick google search tells me this is quite a highly though of vintage speaker.


It certainly wouldn't hurt to compare them to some more modern speakers if you have the chance but don't think you need to change them just because they are old.
Speakers, new and old alike, are solely a matter of personal preference and a dealer that recommends replacing a customer's cherished speakers just because they are "old" should be treated with some suspicion - maybe seeking that customer's wallet as his primary goal?

Changing speakers often drives changes in accompanying gear to better accommodate their different sound character/needs. Be aware of that if you are happy with your current speakers and gear as it reads like you are.

I have HPM100s (smaller brother to your HPM150s) in my vintage system and find them to be excellent with rock and blues, at both low and high volume. What type of music do you primarily listen to?   

@mtimm1 - I had a 30 year old pair of Magnat speakers that still performed very well - I had the foam surrounds replaced and the crossovers rebuilt and they sounded even better than when they were new.

I’ve since replaced them with a speaker that uses current design approaches and more modern drivers/technology - and yes, they do sound better.

The reason I started looking for replacements, is that on such old speakers, something will eventually give. When that happens, you no longer have anything to compare the new speakers to.

So while they were still working I replaced them by comparing the old sound to the new.

The new speakers are a three way design - like the old, and present a very similar full sound..

The new speakers provided benefits in the areas of...
  • improved dynamic performance and clarity
  • much improved imaging
  • improved bass performance - i.e. control, detail and depth
So I am very happy with my upgrade.

But some of the older gear does have certain advantages - looking up your 150’s on the web - one review stated you can listen to very loud music before distortion becomes an issue - something few speakers new or old can do.

I traded my old speakers to a guy that loves antique gear - he’s very happy

Hope that helps - Steve
i also had the hpm100 which were a lot of fun and like you say, certainly had a full sound. they are not as revealing or detailed as my more modern speakers, but ultimately it's about whether you enjoy 'em. if you're happy with your hpm150, i would not feel compelled to upgrade because a dealer says so. if nothing else they look cool and play loud.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and advice, I do really enjoy the sound they present and I like listening to a very wide range of music from classical to jazz and blues to rock and modern dance, in my opinion they handle everything I through at them from detailed classical to acoustic guitar to strong vocals and deep pounding bass, I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! But as you all know we always want better....