How would you rate the Well Tempered Reference Arm

Anybody have direct comparisons with other arms? Where does it stand in the marketplace? I currently have a VPI Super Scoutmaster plinth w/SDS ,Super Platter, Periphery ring, HRX record weight, SAMA and a WT Ref. Arm w/Benz Ruby 3. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with one of VPI's arms. Which one (if any) would overtake the WTA? Or,what other brand in the general price range would be better? Discuss,please.
In my friend's system, mounted on a WT Reference tt, the Reference tonearm sounds overdamped, and it appears to BE overdamped when one manipulates the tonearm. I think the viscous damping can be adjusted, however. You would know better than I.
I have used the WT Reference system for over 15 years and have not found the arm to be overdamped. The damping can be adjusted from no damping to overdamping. The paddle that goes into the silicone fluid can be adjusted or removed.
10-22-08: Donaudio
I have used the WT Reference system for over 15 years and have not found the arm to be overdamped..

Me too!.. I had a Well Tempered Reference TT with its arm and I enjoied alot , great TT but it needs a fussy setup
Pratically not a TT for an analog newbie but for an advanced one
I changed mine for a SME 20/A
I did use this arm for several years and it did the job very well. I am still a fan of the WT Reference and its Arm. There is much more worse out there. It has the right PRAT.
Nice arm but a bitch to get right.
All interesting responses thus far. Much appreciated! I'm hoping others - with direct experience - can chime in about how/if any of the VPI arms stack up against the WT Ref. Arm. And, what arms out there would be a significant step upward?
Any tips on how to recognize when the damping is adjusted "correctly"? No thoughts on "how/if any of the VPI arms stack up against the WT Ref. Arm"?
Can't a fella get some Well Tempered traction?
Anymore feedback from out yonder? Anyone?
Adjust damping by your ear. No one can tell you what will sound best. I mentioned that my friend's WTR table and arm always sound overdamped to me. This is probably because he just recently admitted to me that he has never played with the damping setting on the WTR tonearm. Having handled the arm, I can tell you he has it set very high. (If you lift it up in the air, it stays suspended in space.) I assume this accounts for my (negative) listening experiences.
It is VERY difficult to evaluate needs the both arms being evaluated on the same table with the same cartridge, with the same loading, with the best cartridge installation, etc. I have a VPI 10.5i and can tell you that I get better sound out of it than with the same cartridge (Benz LP Ebony) with the same electronics than I had with my SME V. There are those that hate the VPI arm for some reason...I know my system sounds better than a friend's with a Triplanar, and another with a Phantom, however, they are different systems, and you cannot make comparisons.