How would you rate ???

I am in the market for a pair of speaker cable and I must say I am quite overwhelmed by the plethora of new cable technologies available.
Just for my interest, I'm taking a poll with the full knowledge that an audition of these cables would be mandatory.

Here goes the list (though not exhaustive):

Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 9
Harmonic Technology Pro-12
Shunyata Research Lyra
Zu Cable Ibis

* you are welcome to add to the list above.
You might add the Audience Au24 speaker cables to the list. Which more than likely would move right to the top of this list or most any list.

OK then....

Here goes the revised list (though not exhaustive):

Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 9
Audience AU 24
Harmonic Technology Pro-12
Shunyata Research Lyra
Zu Cable Ibis
Hang in there. This list will be twice as long as more of us (audiophools, that is) put our two cents in. Here's my two cents: Lat International. A 10 foot pair cost under $400-New. Don't hear about these babies, enough, on the 'gon. Truly amazing for the $$s and just plain old amazing by themselves. Call Lou over there and check em out. They have a moneyback 30 day guarentee. Whattaya got to lose? Break them in 24/7 and listen away. You'll be amazed. peace, warren
The audience Au24 is suppose to be great(or so more then a few have told me) for the money, however another real sleeper that has been getting a lot of good press is the Xindak speaker cables http://www.stereotimes.comto read a review about the Xindak cables. I have been dissapointed with Zu's speaker cables, though that doesn't mean you will not like them. Asking what cable is "right" for me is an impossible question to answer, no one has heard them all and NO one hears them like you do. Most of the companies offer an in home trial so that is going to be your best bet.

The other option is with audiogon buy them used and try them to find which one you like the best and sell the others, you will only lose shipping. The used market on cables doesn't take a big hit, after the initial loss. The benefit of this is most of the cables will be broke in so it will only take a few days for them to settle and give you an accurate impression of how they sound.
None of the above. Try Bogdan.
I've tried the Au24 bi-wire, LAT International bi-wire, and the Virtual Dynamic Nites (non bi-wire). Based on my tastes I would rate these 3 cables in that exact order from least to best.
Add Pure Note Epsilon Reference. Bettered all listed and very close to Acoustic Zen Hologram II.
try to audition as many cables in your system as possible,definitely include the xindak fs 1,it has transformed my system
i have tried the audience, analysis plus, transparent, straightwire, audioquest, and cardas and went with bogdan. You need to try different cables with your equipment instead of relying on other people preferences.
I heard the oval analysis the model, bet $200 and $400
dit not like it,Au24 yes this cable is very good,but
I prefer my cardas gonden cross,My siltech Ls 120 g3
with the right system also is hard to beat,AZ hologram
never heard but I suspect,sonic wise it might sound
like the stepbrother HT pro 9.Zu cable arent they
expensive? If the bogdan are cheap and good worth to
try them.
It was a long road down cable alley searching for the perfect companion. She just kept beckoning to me like a seductive temptress with the promise of everlasting harmony. I've been led down the path so many times I was dizzy yet still, whenever the allure appeared to replace the one that had promised me the world then failed to deliver, I jumped at the opportunity to try, thinking this would surely be the one.

No easy answer to this one. BTW, I use Luminous Audio Renaissance
I compared Oval 9, Oval 8, AZ Hologram II and Harmonic Tech wires with three other people. We used two systems: CJ Premier 140 and Premier 17 and new Gamut amp and preamp. Oval 9 were cleaner and bit more open than the AZ. AZ were cleaner and more musical than HT. All three were very close on the bottom end, so not much to differentiate them there. Oval 9 and AZ seemed about equal in midrange with HT a bit sweeter but not so much that it won out. The Oval 8 were the most detailed and our overall wire of choice. It let us here harmonics and inner detail the others missed. Short review, but this is what we concluded. Hope it helps.