How would you rank the following Sonus Faber Speak

How would you rank the following Sonus Faber Speakers?
What are your reasons?
a. Electa Amator 2
b. Extrema
c. Cremona Auditor
d. Guaneri

At the end of it, I hope to put up a statistics...
1-Guarneri, MAGIC midrange
2-Extrema, great dynamics, great midrange, best low frequency response of the four.
3-Cremona Auditor, great soundstage and imaging, speaker disappears easily, probably most neutral of the four.
4-Electa Amator 2, haven't heard this one personally, so can't really say if this should be third or fourth in ranking. Would assume the second best bass response of the four.
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Best of Luck.
EA II is on the bottom of the list, and just an average speaker to my ears. I owned the original EA's and Minima Amators, which where much better speakers with better parts!
Extrema's are best here.
I'd rate as follows:

a. Electa Amator 2....5.5/10 or maybe C at best
b. Extrema....9.5/10 or A to A+
c. Cremona Auditor....8.25 or B
d. Guaneri...8.5...or B+
Interesting question. It is really the amplifier that one mates with the speaker that will determine the placing. With the right amplification, the Extrema is the best of the bunch, but they require a very large high quality solid state amplifier (a McCormack DNA 2 rev A/gold or a pair of DNA1 rev A/gold are very good or if you like the presentation, the Plinius SA250 will drive them well)or if money is no objecthuge high quality tube amplifier such as the AR200/300ref/600ref, JA500/800s or VTL750/wotans.

The Guaneri is easier to drive and has a magical midrange, and may prove a bargain if the required amplification is considered, but if you can afford the amplification, go for the Extremas which are a better speaker top to bottom. The EA2 is not as good as the original EA in my opinion and I have not heard the Cremona auditor yet. (Disclaimer, I owned a pair of the Extremas for over 7 years, which for me is an eternity)