How would you feel

I tried to place this thread another way but obviously stood on some toes and it looks like it got moderated so here goes again another way.

Two years ago I purchased what is considered a well respected amplifier brand new and at the time the retail price was $9,000 The same item is now being sold internet direct for $3,799

Part of me asks where is the brand loyalty or protection as certainly my resale now has taken a big bath.

The Audiophile and music lover part of me says its good because more people can now afford such a product.

How would you feel?
I think your other thread posted. I would feel like I should have kept the Berning ZH-270, and not bought the LSA.

Sometimes things like that happen. What is important is whether you are happy with the sound of the LSA and whether you think it sounds better than the Berning.
I would feel slightly perturbed. Not much you can do though, the world-wide economy is crumbling.

BTW, your other thread DID get posted.
If I had one already, I would be bothered.

If I was looking to buy, I'd be happy.

Just one of those things....
What brand? I could use a $9000 amp for $3700.
10-27-13: James63
What brand? I could use a $9000 amp for $3700.

LSA, look at Bpinder's other threads.
I would be very upset as well.

Looks like you be passing this one down to your grandchildren. I hope you are still able to enjoy/appreciate it in your system. It reviewed well.
Should LSA have announced they were going Internet Direct to previous owners and maybe offered them some kind of compensation since they paid full retail price for their gear? That really has to stinks that a $9K amp is now being sold for $3700. Makes you really wonder what you are paying for. Sorry to hear about your situation Bpinder.
The most important question is did you love the amp before finding this out? If the answer is yes, it's not worth dwelling on.....
"Makes you really wonder what you are paying for."

One would probably be well advised to always wonder about that.
I'd be p.o.ed for sure, but not at the selling company. I'd realize that it's nothing personal, just business. They need to do whatever they need to do to stay in business. I'd review WHY I bought that piece and change my strategy for the next time. Consider it a lesson from the school of hard knocks, as much as it DOES SUCK. Ugh!
This happened to me on a much smaller scale with a pair of ICs. You have my sympathy, for sure.
That really has to stinks that a $9K amp is now being sold for $3700. Makes you really wonder what you are paying for.
It appears not enough demand @$9K so had to reduce expenses by going direct and drop price until it reaches supply=demand or ch 11 if price is too low to stay profitable.

Tough business and reason I don't haggle with boutique audio companies if I like their products ... want them to stay in business.
You said it retailed for $9K but what did you pay? I hope VAC goes internet direct soon.
Mixed feelings really.
Caveat emptor

I have a simple solution for this issue.
Always buy used. You'll never have to worry about this, again.
Well, if I liked the amp enough to spend $9,000, then I would still like the amp. I wouldn't like what I paid for it though, but that's two years after the fact

Makes you wonder about the value of high end gear
OK, I found the amp, LSA statement. I remember this amp sort of, and I recall wondering back then why it cost so much. Supposedly the amp back in the day had a list of $11,500 thus the $9,000 price looked like a real steal. But if they can bring it to market now for $3799, makes you wonder if the parts costs even breaks $800. And that's why people shrug their heads at the high end these days. I miss the days of the blue dialed Marantz receivers.

Good reason to stick to used, err, pre-owned, in Lexus speak

I usually do purchase used but in this case I was given the opportunity to audition in my home before purchasing which is worth something to me so I did the right thing and bought new from the agent/dealer who allowed me to do that.