How would you describe the sound of Plinius IA's?

Specifically I am considering the 8100. Are they more toward the bright side? Warm? Neutral? I would also like comments on soundstaging, imaging, etc. too.
I realize that this is very system dependant, but I am just looking for an "all else equal" type of evaluation. If you have owned a Plinius, what were your feelings toward the amp/company? Thanks, Jb3
I recently trialled the 8200 Mk II against a McIntosh 6500. The Mac won for musicality and listenability. I found the Plinius excellent for detail and resolution -- each instrument clearly 'visible', etc. Ultimately I thought it got too much and chose the Mac. I think the way I would put it is that Plinius plays the instruments well and Mac plays the music well.
Despite that, the Plinius is also a very good amp if you like that sort of thing. Very muscular and buttoned down, not fatiguing, quite impressive.
I can't say anything about the 8100, but there are some reviews here on the 8200 (esp. the MKII). I have the 8200 and would characterize it as warm. It is definitely not bright! Not in my system, anyway.