How would the Usher BE10 sound with Mac

I recently purchased a Mac MC402 amp, C46 Preamp, and the MCD201 player. I was curious if the Usher BE10's would be a good match with this setup. I haven't purchased any cables as of yet either.I really like the sound of the B&W 802D's as well. I like to listen to pretty much anything. But lately, I've been hooked on funk, think Maceo Parker, and alot of blues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks gang.
I used to own the 802d and now own the Usher BE-10. Personally, I found the Usher to be more dynamic, transparent, and engaging. The 802d is good but I thought it was slower and warmer, being better suited for jazz. Given your musical tastes, I would prefer the Usher.

As for MAC gear, I am not sure since I have only heard MAC a few times before. Generally speaking, I would be wary of any electronics that takes away from the strengths of the Usher speakers. I found that ss amps and a musical pre to work best with the BE-10.
Should be awesome!

Thanks for the info!!
Like with all audio dpends on your source and cabling. I highly recommend Clear Day Solid Core Silver- Shotgun. FYI He advertises here
I'm thinking the exact same thing as I just picked up the MC501 monoblocks and want to upgrade from my N803S

I am thinking the warmth and liquid "tube-like" voicing of the Macs will complement the Be-10 nicely.
I'm affraid the 802Ds bass would overwhelm my 12x20 listening room.
Know_talent, I am not sure if it was my room or the speakers but I had an issue with the 802d bass. In my room (15x20 with vaulted ceiling), the bass was loose and a bit boomy. The Usher bass is tight, quick, and accurate.

I think your logic of combining the MAC with the Usher is right on. Be careful not to go overboard with the "tube like" components, as you will take away from the best attributes of the Usher which is speed, transparency, and dynamics. Good luck and I would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to go with Usher.