How would I navigate?

I'm looking at the Onkyo TX-NR515 Receiver shown here:

It has a front USB port for ipod and iphone and I'm assuming this port would also work for generic external drives(?)

If so, how would I navigate through folders on the drive and make selections?

The remote control doesn't have a screen and the front panel doesn't look capable.

Would I have to have some sort of mp3 player with a display attached to the drive? Recommendations? (anything but ipod!)

Thanks - rev
I don't know the specific unit in question, so I'm just guessing here...

I'd guess that the front panel will display the info - maybe inelegantly, but it will probably be there. Also, AVRs generally operate on the assumption that there's a monitor attached, so the info will likely go to the monitor, as well. If you're using this for music only, you might pick up a small monitor just for this purpose.

Good Luck


Thanks. I don't know the specific unit yet either. I'm looking at Onkyo or Pioneer home receivers in the $500 range.

Denon claims that their front USB port will read HDDs but there are conditions: Not all drives will be recognized, Media Transfer Protocol must be on the drive, there must be no songs with DRM protection in them. So you take your chances.

I have an Asus media player that reads an external drive but I was hoping to navigate by the front panel display on the AV Receiver. I don't want to have my 60" digital TV burning the bulbs just for navigation.

The front panel is set up for iCrap but I don't want to be cornered into that. Right now I'm looking for an iCrap alternative.

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I've settled for the Onkyo TX-NR515 AV Receiver. It reads a flash drive, the display of tracks appears on the front panel and you can navigate with the remote control.

Almost everything I wanted, I wanted the same but for external hard drives - but this is plenty good enough. I don't need an iPod or any other mp3 player, I don't need the TV on or any other monitor or display.

Flash drives are available to 64 gig now and if the port can't read a drive that large, I'll categorize the music on different, smaller flash drives.

Thanks Martykl for your help!