How would audio program about stereo on Radio do

Hi, how do people think an audio program about stereo equipment would do on the radio. I see on radio they have health, money and other types of programs. How would a 2 hour audio program a day do? It would be a program where people would call about audio questions, or comparing products etc. It would be good if they had Michael Freamer or one of these knowledgable audiophiles as the host.
I suspect the market would be too small. Everybody cares about health and money, so it's reasonable to expect that a fraction of them would tune in to a program on those subjects. But not many people really care about audio, so you're talking about a fraction of a fraction as a potential audience. Can't take that to the bank.
Unfortunately Bomarc is right.

The public is more concerned with the picture size and quality of their television than reproduced music.
I used to listen to one at work, it was back in the late 70's. I can't remember what it was called though. It was on am radio, I think on one of the talk radio channels.
There used to be one on FM. I'm not sure but I think it was called "Audiophile Audition".
I remember the show "Infidelity" it was on public radio KPFK here in so cal.
There are very few, if any,places in this country where you would find 50 audiophiles within the radius reach of a radio signal. Albert is right about the concerns of the average American. So, to answer your question directly, I don't think it would work anywhere these days.