How will you position the tubes in SP11 MK2

Hello every audiophile, a few questions need your expertise. I think the tubes in ARC SP11 MK2 don't require match pair(s) or match three, don't they? If you have 4 Mullards and 2 Telefunkens, how would you position them? Also, if you have 3 of each brand, then how will you do? And how about 4 Tele and 2 Mullards?
Not sure if it'll help,but I used different brands,but 3 of the same tubes (singles) . 3 in phono and 3 in linestage. Being as the linestage was used for digital I used a softer warmer tube ( Gold Aero "Yugo" Platinum ) and in the phono I used a nos British trio. Never had a problem and worked very well.I would suggest at least use trios as the same,but not necassary to be the same in linestage and Phono section.
Thanks Thorman. Just a bit unfortunate there is any Gold Areo anymore. I agree with you if you need a warmer sound in the line stage and 3 with the same brand (of course even identical will be better) in each stage.
I used Siemens ECC88/6DJ8 for line stage. A bit warmer and softer than the Amperex. Didn't like the Mullard at all.
Hi Chang,
Long time no chat, how're you? I have used the Siemens, but they rae the E88CC, the one with gold pins. My feelinf is not the same as yours, it is on the lean side rather than warmer and softer. Oh, forget to say, I put them in a Melos preamp. I also have the ECC88, which is with sliver pins, is that the one you're talking about? The problem is I just have a pair, but SP11 needs 3. Oh, wait a minute, let me have a look at the schematic again because someone told me not every tube is for amplification. Do you use 3 Siemens in the line stage?
Yes. The ECC88 is more noisy and warmer than the E88CC.
Noticed why I never mentioned E88CC or 6922?
The ECC88 Siemens only comes in nickel plated pin and not gold pin.
I use 3 Siemens in line stage.

If interested, I still have some NOS ECC88 siemens.

Before I knew any better, I bought close to 50 of these tubes from this guy out in CA for 3 of the SP11 MKIIs we have. I then realized that SP11 MKII is very good design that tubes last very long time in the circuit ( unlike Melos or Audible Illusion.)

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