How well doesthe Senn HD650 work with MFV8

Would be gratefull if those that have used the SENN HD650 with the Musical Fidelity V8 can give me an idea how well the two work together.
Do they match well in terms of volume knob position realative to sonic levels.
How is the overall performance. Is the DAC/USB any good.

Thank You for any input you can lend

I did a head to head comparison with The Musical Fidelity versus the Headroom Premium Little. It was easy decision and the Musical Fidelity was sent back within the 30 free trial. I realize it is recommended to give it a 40 hour burn, which I did. My impression... was I was unimpressed. I was also using the Senn 650 with a Cardas Cable. Nice cans and cable.
Headroom has lots of products and options. They are also nice people to work with.
Thank You 2bgeorge for your advise. I will see what info Headroom has.
Lots of good options for the 650's depending on your budget. You may experience hissing when using the v8, probably they have fixed this problem.
Singleendedsingle, thanks for your coments
My son has the Senn HD650 headphones. I picked up a used Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 on AG as a present for him. The price was right and base on what reading I came across,I thought it would work well with the Senn HD650. Now that it is in route, I have done some further research and have came across alot of mixed reviews/comments.
So I am trying to get the real scoopp.Please Be honest, if I made a mistake, I will accept it and go on. I just dont want to pass my mistake (if so) along to my son.
By the way, my son lives away from us; at college and I will not have te opportunity to check them the amp and the HD 650's together, thats why I am inquiring those who have heard or use the setup.

Thanks again for your time