How was the Axpon show in Jacksonville?

What was the good, bad, ugly? Well attended?
...very good for a 1st year event...steve davis did a great job putting this together and running it as smooth as it did. great rooms and the hotel was pretty good..great location..walked to mortons and other restaurants..easy ingress and egress back onto I-95...the tidal-argento room was my ears..hands down the best room..they were showing their piano cera speaker and it is amazing that i am going to take a serious look/listen to their contriva diacera model in the near future to replace my piega c-40s...overall,however, it was alot of fun and i,for one,hope it continues next year...nothing is perfect but for a first time event it was great.
I thought it was pretty good too. Hope they do it again next year. I really enjoyed the Thiel/Boulder 5.1 room and the TW Acoustic/Thoress room.