I am looking for a method to hook up a CD Player without volume control if possible to my PS Audio GCPH Phono Only Preamp.
I already have a splitter from the RC Connector for the Self Powered Sub Woffer going out.

If not possible with-out a CD Player/with Volume control.
Which entry level CD Player would you recommend.
CD Source is very limited to my lisening
As to amps I use Monoblocks If that matters.

I am hopeing not to have to reconfigure all the connections every time I want to switch between the two...
Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

thanks much
Hi moregunk

I don't know why you'd want to, but you cant. A phono preamp includes eq for the RIAA curve required to restore records to a flat response. You don't want that equalization applied to your cd player.

In addition a phono preamp is designed to amplify the very small signals from a phono cartridge and a line level signal like a cd player will overload it. You need another solution.
That's right. You need a line level preamp;
1. cd player then inputs to preamp
2. phono pre into preamp.
MoreGunk, as others have mentioned, you must have a preamp (or receiver) that has an input suitable for a CD player. The prices for these are all over the map, very nice preamps can be purchased for as little as $200-300 or you could spend the cost of a late-model Ferrari =8^0

It would be helpful if you could share with us the components you currently have and a budget that you have in mind. Once we have those in-hand, we can offer you more informed and reasoned opinions...

Everyones right, you can't do it. A good way to go if your on a tight budget is a passive line stage that has more than 1 input. I'm pretty sure Creek and Channel Island makes them. I'm sure there are other good ones as well.