How too clean top/sides of black metal on McIntosh units

It is clean but has an uneven color which may be from hand oils from handling.  I tried putting some isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber towel and wiping but it doesn't take the unevenness out completely.  Is there a better safe cleaning agent?
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Damped magic eraser, or the likes.
Don't go mad slight pressure. Any moisture left wipe it off with a microfiber.
Thank you for all the replies.  I already have a Magic Eraser so will try that initially.
Residual Oil Remover.  ROR for short.  Made for camera lenses but works on anything I've ever tried it on, although I haven't tried it on painted surfaces.  
I tried the Magic Eraser tonight on two MC units and it cleared up the unevenness. I did dry the tiny amount of residual moisture immediately with a microfiber towel.  This seems optimal as it doesn’t add additional chemicals. Thanks.