how to wire up speakers ...??

Hello all,

So I have recently been reviewing the age old argument of single wiring your speakers vs. biwring and / or removing the bridge plate between the binding posts and connecting them with jumper cables matching your speaker cable.

Something occurred to me last night about another way to wire up your speakers….


Would you consider this to be ‘biwring’ or single?
Good idea or bad idea?
Pluses and minuses to wiring this way?

I haven’t tested it out yet, and wanted to gather some opinions before actually amping them up this way.

Doing it that way is the same as using jumpers made with the same speaker cable. The only difference is that you won't be able to terminate the cables with spade's, banana’s, etc.

That said, I don't see this as a smart move. Terminated connectors will be touching more surface area on the binding posts. Not only that, having bare cable exposed will tarnish the metal. You'll have to clean them all the time.
See this link, it explain how bi-wire works
Steve, as Zd said, that's just single wire with jumpers of the same wire. As far as whether or not to use connectors, I agree with the comments posted by Buscis2 in this Audiogon thread, especially the quotes from Nelson Pass.
It is single wire, but could be better than using jumpers, as you would be eliminating three connectors per lead.

Theoretically, no connector is better than any connector, however, you will not find many exotic cables using bare leads. If you are happy with inexpensive wire, this is a good option.
You could also wrap the wire around each terminal to gain more surface area.
Everything is cool.
Thanks for the Vandersteen link. Very helpful. Well stated and very logical.