How to wire up a Noise Filter

Hi all,

I suspect I have noisy AC in my house, and have noticed sibilance being more pronounced lately, even though nothing in my system has changed. I thought I'd try a noise filter on the mains socket that feeds my CD player & preamp. (240v 50-60Hz.)

I bought a TDK ZAC2205-OOU 5 amp noise filter, but I'm not sure how to wire it up. There are 2 terminals on each end of the box, marked 1+2 and 3+4, plus an earth.

I assumed that the main supply should go to terminals 1 and 2, and then the mains receptacle attached to 3 and 4. Is that right?

Will 5 amp be sufficient for my CD and Pre? (Krell KAV300CD player and Krell KRC-HR Preamp)

The specs for this filter, with diagram and picture, can be found in this pdf file:

Thanks all for your help,
Somewhere on the back of the Krell units near the power cord or fuse will probably be a current rating. If not, it should be in your manual. If the 2 added up exceed 5 amps then it isn't big enough. If the rating is in watts or VA then divide this number by the line voltage to get the amps.

The convention for schematics is to show inputs on the left and outputs on the right so 1-2 would be in and 3-4 out as you figured.

How do you plan to connect to this device? How do you intend to handle the ground? How do you intend to mount it to insure there is no danger.

DISCLAIMER: You are dealing voltages and currents here that could kill you or burn down your house. Unless you are positive what you are doing you should leave this to professionals. In other words, buy a commercial unit.
My experence is that most noise filtes don't work or affect equipnment sound in a bad way. Noise is a really hard thing to filter out. Save some time I would sugest finding a dealer that has several and seeing if you can demo some. Maybe find out what else is on the line.