How to Wire The Speakers?

Hi, here is the list of equiptment I have:
Pioneer Elite A/V Receiver - VSX-92TXH.
NHT 2.5i Main Speakers (Bi-Amplifiable/Bi-Wireable).
NHT SuperOnes (Used as Surround Speakers).
NHT SW2 Passive Subwoofers 2pc. (With Built in Crossover)
NHT SA-3 Mono Sub Amplifier (250Watts RMS).
NHT AudioCenter
I have connected all the speakers to receiver except the subwoofer and mono amp. Everything sounds perfect. Today I have received my SW2 Subs and SA-3 mono Amp and have to connect them to the system. I am little confused in connections now and need someones advice. What's the best way to connect the subwoofers and amp and run the wires through the main speakers? As far i understand, the main speakers' low Freq has to be wired to the SA-3 Amp, then the Subwoofers' have to be wired to the same Amp too. Then the SA-3 Amp has to be wired to the receivers' Preamplified Out. The Hight freq of the 2.5i Main speakers has to be wired to the Main out terminal or the Receiver. (The center and suuround speakers are connected allready to their terminals in the back of receiver). Is that a correct and the best configuration?
Now, I connected the subs to the amp and the amp to the preamp out of receiver today, but the subs were only making some strange whooooo sound and there was a huge delay of sub response.
As I mentioned the subs have built in crossover. In the rear of subs in the connections plate there are 4 pairs of connections. Here is the pic.
The jumpers you see in the top terminal i remove them for bypassing the subs' internal crossover.
Please, give me detailed wireing instruction for this config.
I own an NHT sub/NHT mono amplifier. The manuals are very clear about connection methods. Do you have a manual?
Yes i do have the manual. I did like the manual says, but it only makes annoying sound. The next thing is that I don't know which connection type is better (Front speakers' LFE connected to the mono amp OR connected to the receivers' main A or may be even B Group of terminals - Bi-wired).
P.S. The manual of SW2 Sub is for the Sub and MA-1 amp as that Amp is was the part of that system. I am using different Amp - SA3. And in the Amps' manual doesn't say anything about SW2 Subs as those have built in crossover and are different from regular (non-crossovered) subs which are mentioned in SA-3 Amps' manual.
All i learned is that the crossover in the subwoofer needs to be bypassed and i have to use the Amp's crossover. If it is so, then what about receivers' built in amps' crossover? Am i bypassing it with pre amp connection?
If it is not hard, please, give me the hook up exact diagramm for this system i have.
Thanks in advance.