How to wire my subwoofer and amp

I have two Classe CA-100 amps and a pair of Canton CT1000 speakers and Canton Plus C subwoofer. One of the amps powers my Canton CT1000. I want to use the other amp in mono mode to power the sub. The subwoofer has four sets of connections. Two are inputs for (+) (-) of left and right channels, the others are outputs for satellite speakers. Since I have no interest in adding the satellite speakers, what basic connections are needed?

According to the Classe manual, I use one lead of the left channel and one lead of the right channel, but should the cable be bi-wired, so all four connections of the left/right inputs of the sub are used. Or do I take two leads from the amp, and just feed the left, or the right. or half of each input, since it is mono anyway?
Right it is mono. Classe tells you how to wire the amp to run the amp mono. Fine. You can run two sets of wires to the sub, but it won't matter, because the sub will sum them anyway. Because: mono. So run one set from the amp to either L or R on the sub. Won't matter which because: mono. Summed either way.

Knowing the age of this passive sub and the configuration of connections on the back, I was thinking the 12" driver might have a dual voice coil. This video confirms that.

A mono connection will only power half of the driver's voice coil, and connecting both inputs of the sub to the amp in mono mode will create an impedance problem for the amp. It will be best to connect the amp in stereo mode to both inputs on the sub.