How To Wire An EVM12L?

The manual says to use 18 gauge stranded wire but I saw this >!
Those are EVM12L’s branded for Zakk Wylde. I’m curious what cable and connectors they are using (not worried about the amp sim box).

Not sure the wire used or how it’s connected exactly. Looks like it may-be just pushed through since you can see the red in the hole but that may-be a cap too.

I was looking for something I could solder to my input jack but have some connector to the speaker. They use binder connectors on the speakers. I was hoping for something in the $60 range ’cause I don’t have the crazy money some people have ($5k for 1ft of wire?). I just wanted to do a little better than the lamp wire setup and not melt the wires, avoid corrosion, and not have to mess with it again for quite some time and especially not destroy the speakers.It would also have to handle a lot of moving around and not come loose. I’m not exactly sure what gauge of banana plug it would take, just know the recommended wire gauge (never dealt with banana plugs but could be the same gauge as the wire for all I know).
Was thinking about tinned copper of some sort that wouldn’t oxidize as bad.
Thank you for reading my post.

Cool. I'll dig through it later today when I have time.
A variety of options are always good. I just want to upgrade a little (not go overboard) and from what you say, I'll find something useful.
Thank you so much!
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