How To Utilize A Phono Preamp Board As Stand Alone

Interested in what it would entail to utilize a phono preamp board out of a Luxman receiver or any maker for that matter
If if there is a post already covering this, please let me know
Give me a simple outline, as I am not to electrically savvy. Someone else would actually do the work, I'm just curious how you would go about connecting a wall wart or ?

Thank you
If you're talking about cannibalizing an old unit, just rip out the regulated power supply board with it and the transformer too. That's all the power supply you need. Of course there are other options... A small toroidal can be easily obtained with the required secondary, and you can build a regulated supply with printed circuit boards from 
kosst is correct, that is about all there is to it.   Of course, you will need a chassis to put it in and all that goes with it. comment on using a Walmart. 
And for the ground, I'm assuming there must be a frame it can be attached to ... that's an assumption I really don't know. 
Going to the local goodwill and finding a bi polar power supply wall wart. rare but they happen.Depends on the given outboard phono board.

Bose outboard power supplies were many times +/-18 [email protected], which is very nice. I grab them when I see them, I’ve got about 4 of them, for experiments, if needed.

some phono/RIAA boards/circuits use (+) and (-) lets say 15 or 18 volts, some might need a single positive (+)30 volt rail. It depends.

Depends on the given RIAA phono board.

Get the model number and go over to hifi-engine and download the schematics of that exact unit - in order to find out.

with that all important data in hand, one can then begin searching for a matching power supply.

exhibit a:

those are good phono boards, IF they are recapped. the rest of the circuit was fairly complex and did not do the RIAA/phono boards any favours. the board is better than the receiver is/was, but it was buried under excessively complex ’other’ circuitry, wires, switching and pathways.

eg, look at this HK PM665 phono equalizer (RIAA) board. Crazy, just like it should be. explicit, directed, involved.

It would likely, after being cleaned up (new caps, etc), outperform anything op amp based, for the most part.

If you know the voltage / current specs you can find just about any wall wart transformer at Digikey or Mouser
Wall warts are terrible power supplies. If you go the route of canibalizing a phono stage, at least build a proper linear power supply with quality components with enough capacity to exceed the requirements. 

A better choice would would be an off the shelf phono stage, especially for someone without a background in electronics design and engineering. 
I don't recommend a wall wart switching power supply. Phono pre-amps have a ton of gain and any noise in the supply will be highly amplified. You'd have to build a robust filter for that power supply.