how to use same mains for ht and 2 channel?

I have to combine ht and 2 channel due to space restrictions. My mains are ACI Opals, the best component I own. I use a Sherwood receiver as preamp and to amplify the center channel speaker. Belles One and B&K ST-140 power mains and rears respectively. Will be hooking up a powered sub soon. My sources are a cheap mega changer and a JVC DVD.

I have not been satisfied with the imaging and bass of my system for audio use. DVDs sound fine - dynamic. What I am wondering is how to keep my receiver running my home theater, but to possibly add a new cdp and preamp for two channel while using my Opals as my main speakers.

I don't have unlimited funds, but I could sell off my amps to fund purchase of a quality used integrated and cdp or separates. Can add some cash if necessary, but I couldn't spend more than $1,000.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Yuki> Go to the following link for the info you seek
get a passive switch your main outs from the two preamps into the switch box and output it to one stereo amp...I use a DB Audio switch box....very simple and great with a parasound psp/1500 AV preamp and a McIntosh C22 tube preamp into an Audio Note P2SE amplifier....nice home theatre AND two channel sound with this combo

A *lot* of preamps these days have a processor loop built in. You could run the LR Front off the preamp, hook the receiver into the processor loop, and run the HT surrounds and CC off the receiver. Then, hook whatever CD/DVD to the preamp. When watching HT, switch in the processor loop. When listening to 2CH, switch the processor out.

Alternatively, if you really want a separate CD/pre-amp setup, you could just use the main out (line level) of the receiver and hook it to an AUX or VIDEO input of the preamp. You would have to match the volumes when you played with HT.
I saw a Denon AVP8000 on audiogon classified for $800 dollars. Great preamp with digital inputs. Easy preamp upgrade and dac upgrade for your megachanger and dvd player.