How to use Record Research Lab cartridge cleaner?

I got #9 Record Research Lab cartridge cleaner.
Kit has two brushes. One, soft and long hair, is attached to the bottle cap. The second one is very short and stiff.
What's the cleaning technique?
Do I use long brush to apply fluid to the stylus tip and then use short stiff brash to scrape the dirt, or...?
Let me know.

DON'T use the stiff brush at all. Throw it away. Use the soft brush in a back to front motion. It's all you need. I've used this cleaner for years with never problem.

I use the stiff brush routinely -- dry --as a stylus cleaner. Very useful. You do need to be gentle with it (and always back to front), but I've never damaged a stylus and it's much more effective than a soft brush.

On the other hand, I don't use the #9 cleaner much at all. :-)
I use the soft brush (built into cap) to drip a couple of drops of fluid to the stiff brush, never touch the soft brush to the stiff brush. That way I don't contaminate the fluid.
I use the stiff brush to clean the stylus. Just be gentle, and only brush back to front. I clean the stylus after every session. That way I know I am starting out with a clean stylus the next day.
A drop or two from the soft brush onto the hard one and then a couple of light back-to-front strokes is all that is needed every five sides or so. I agree with Smholl about cleaning at the end of the session too.
I agree with Steve and, in a typically anal fashion, go a step further. I use two bottles of #9. With the first I apply some #9 directly to the stylus tip using the soft brush and then apply a drop to a LAST stylus brush and give the back to front treatment. Then, I apply a couple-o-drops to a second LAST brush and repeat the back to front. I’ve used some styli for hundreds of hours and viewing them under the microscope shows them to be clean as a whistle. Of course, using RRL record cleaning fluids helps a great deal in that it leaves no residue (unlike many other cleaners) and the stylus does not get as dirty in the first place.

All that said, it pays top check with the cartridge maker to make sure you don't have a hollow cantilever that might wick fluid up into the cartridge - though I've never had a problem with that or stylus adhesion with any cartridge in about 15 years of use.

There are quite a few alternatives out there these days, but I prefer the tried and true - at least for me. I contacted Musical Surroundings awhile back regarding an unrelated matter, and found very interesting their subsequent comments regarding experience with stylus cleaners and damaged/returned cartridges. It is worth a discussion with them if you have the time and interest.

Thank you. You have been very helpful.

Dayton, OH