how to use outboard amp w/HT recvr?

Probably silly question, but would like your help. I am upgrading to B&W n803's and an HTM1 as my front 3 in HT setup. I have a pioneer vsx49tx HT recvr putting out 130wpc. However, I don't think it's good enough power for 803s for 2 chnl music. I understand I can upgrade amp using rcvr's pre-out, but what if I only want to use outboard amp for the front 3? How do I still use rcvr for surrounds? Isn't pre-out for the entire signal? I haven't looked at the recvr or the manual yet, but thought you guys could give me quick answer. Thanks much...Jeff
If you use the pre-outs for the 2 front channels, the other speakers will still be powered by the receiver. If you want to power the center channel with it's own amp you will need a 3 channel or a mono amp.
The pre-outs are indivindual for each channel,so you can drive external power amps as you please.
Thanks guys. I hadn't yet looked at the receiver or the manual, and this would have become clear instantly. I assumed the pre-out was a single out that took the entire signal away from the internal amps. Now I know. Thanks much, as always. On to looking for good used 2 and 3 channel amps for the 803s and the htm1. Jeff
BTW, don't forget to recalibrate the speaker settings on the receiver after installing a new amp or speakers. You'll need to account for different amplifier gain and/or speaker efficiencies.......


Good point. Thanks much...