How to use Naim NAC32 and Snaps with tube amp?

I recently scored on a 1987 vintage Naim system consisting of NAP250 amp, NAC32 pre, Snaps power supply, and Linn Sondek LP-12. After cleaning some scratchy pots, I have some beautiful music. I have been A-Bing with CD's between this system and my recapped Fisher 500C. The Fisher blows the Naim 250 away but will not support the moving coil on the Linn-Sondek. Is there any way I can use the NAC32 and Snaps as a phono stage and feed the Fisher as the power amp?

this should be a piece of cake ,Use your pre amp and power supply as a phono stage by pluping in your turn table to the preamp phono section ,useing the tape loop out as a fixed out source . this should give you a clean and noise free signal. If you don't have a tape loop or fixed pree out just use the pre out and set the volume level manualy with the volume control. I used this method sucefully for a couple of years useing a early 80's musical fadelity preamp as a phono stage, until I could afford a decent tube phono. M

Thank you for the information. I made up a 4pin DIN to phono cable and gave it a try. Worked like a charm! Do you have any suggestions for a good entry level phono stage that has enough gain for a moving coil cartridge? I was told that the Rolls Bellari is a good choice.

Thanks Again