How to use my Cambrige Audio Stream Magic 6

Hi,apologies in advance for my advanced state of ignorance in all things hifi-I bought a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 on Ebay c.6 years ago -.I bought the Bluetooth Dongle also on Ebay.I have only taken it out of the box,but haven't set it up.Do I need an amplifer for it? If so,would my 30+year old Rotel AM/FM Stereo Receiver RX-850A be ok? I am currently listening to my cds which are all in my Bluesound Vault 2,via ethernet and through Ruark mr1 mk2s-All wified and and hardwired.Does this count as hi fi? Thank you
Agree with suggestion above.  However, the CA component should attach to your amp via RCA connectors.
have you read the instructions ?