How to use magic eraser to clean stylus?

Always hear people use magic eraser to clean their stylus. Do u just put the stylus on top of the magic eraser like the Zero Dust or is there a other way of using it?
If you search the forum you will find detailed instructions.
Doug's instructions are summarized and elaborated upon here:
I cut a piece of the Magic Eraser about 1-1/2" long and just place it next to my turntable platter ( actually sits on deck surface ) and with the arm raised ( with lifting device ) I bring the arm over the Magic Eraser and move the arm lift to the lowering position and let it fall slowly onto the the Eraser..It only penetrates Eraser as much as
your Downforce setting allows..I usually raise and lower it a few times and that usually works quite well to remove any fuzz ( or whatever you want to call it )that may have accumulated on the cartridge..I then usally use a small stylus brush and cleaner for final cleaning....
I do the same process as Thorman and works great! That's it nothing else needed, I've looked use a lube scope and it's nice and clean.
Hold a piece of magic eraser underneath the stylus. Press it firmly against the stylus and scrub back and forth vigorously.

Hehe...just wanted to make folks cringe a little.

Disclosure: Do NOT do this. It's a joke (see "Hehe" above).

-Bob :-)
Thanks guys, I will give it a try.
I tried this and my entire stylus disappeared . . . hum, must have been too strong. should I have let it dry out a bit more before using, that way it might not have been so strong.
I prefer to cut it in about 1 inch thin strips and use them gently as a stylus brush back to front and along the sides of the stylus. It needs to be thin enough to flex when it contacts the stylus and not snag it. I then lightly brush with a camel hair brush to remove potential ME fragments. The whole process takes 5-10 seconds.
Ckoffend - you need to add a drop of superglue to the eraser before you rub back and forth. The tip will then be found embedded in the eraser. Works for me everytime!