How to use headphones on Rotel rsp-1066

I have a Rotel rsp-1066 and would like to use headphones with it, I have not been able to find anything out however, besides that you need a "headphone amp" if someone could direct me as to what would be required for that it would be great, thanks.
It's not clear what you want to listen to, CDs? The Rotel has no headphone output so you don't need to use the Rotel at all, you need a headphone amp running directly from your source, the cdp.
J2, I would have thought more folks would have commented by now. Blkadr is correct in saying that, since the Rotel doesn't have a dedicated headphone section, you will need a headphone amp. That said, it appears that the Rotel has "tape out" connectors on the back. On most equipment with tape out connectors, the signal from the currently selected source is sent to those. So you just connect the dedicated headphone amp to the tape out connectors and listen with the volume on the Rotel turned down. Looking at the manual for your Rotel it appears that it may have the ability to route signals to the tape out independent of the one you are listening to. If that is the case all you would have to do is select what is routed to the tape out when listening. Hope this makes sense. Dick
I use a Little Dot III tube headphone amp which is a decent preamp too.
I also bought a little cmoy to use for portable sound. A cmoy is a simple little circuit powered by a 9volt battery and usually housed in an Altiod type tin. You can find them on ebay for about $40. They have compared well sonically to much more expensive amps in reviews. I really like mine and it easily powers any of several headphones I have.
With a 2 rca to one 3.5 adapter or cable I sometimes use mine with a cdp at home.
This might be cheap way to start up and a good reference when trying out "real" amps.