How to use 2 channel setup with 5.1 setup

Currently have following 2 channel equipment
Gallo 3.1 (pair)
Musical Fidelity A5 player
Muscial Fidelity A5 amp
Belkin Pure/AV conditioner

Moving system from larger to smaller room (10 x 18). Would like guidance on creating a 5.1 system using the Gallo's as the front pair, and running them for both 2-channel and 5.1 without having to switch wiring. Ready to purchase 5.1 equipment. AM considering a pre/pro. Budget $3,000 or less. Thank your for any assiatance.
Add a decent AVR (I reccomend the Onkyo AVR 905, used), a center channel speaker and surround speakers (preferabaly matching) and you are off to a great start. Your MF A5 has a HT bypass, so you're good to go.
Use the pre outs for the front 2 channels, with the MF A5 providing the amplification.
Kal, The MF does have a HT bypass (as correctly stated by Srwooten). SrWooten - I take that I will need to add additional amplificaiton for the center and rear channels? I expect I would then be able to switch off the HT amps and AVR and just listen to two channel, correct?

Also by matching, you suggest staying in the Gallo line with surrounds and rears?

Is there an opportunity to use the Gallo 3.1 subwoofers in HT mode lieu of a dedicated sub?

Thank you for the feedback, as I do not have any experience with the HT side.
SR Wooten - just read read your repsonse. Got it - that the AVR provides the additional amps for center and rears.
Also by matching, you suggest staying in the Gallo line with surrounds and rears?
Is there an opportunity to use the Gallo 3.1 subwoofers in HT mode lieu of a dedicated sub?
If they have built in subs I think it shoud work great. I don't have personal experience with the Gallo 3.1's.
Srwooten - thanks for the feedback.

If anyone has experience with connecting Gallo 3.1 subwoofers in a 2 channel plus HT setup using MF A5 setup, thoughts are appreciated. What is best way to power subwoofers for HT? can they also be used for 2 channel? How will this impact what type of amplification to buy? Any other suggestions on equipment? The TV is a Pioneer 6010. Thanx.
i just did this but in reverse. had mid-fi HT system for many years. Denon, Boston Acoustics, Yamaha and the like. decided to tip toe into some higher quality 2ch. if your MF A5 does have true theater by could be very happy with the results. you lose little/nothing and gain a alot of entertainment potential.

not a big movie guy myself but really enjoy the HT effects for Cable/SATTV. the occasional movie is great too. i'm into racing sims so the move too quality 2ch really shocked/rocked my gaming experience. even a "crutchfield class" HT system ups the enjoyment factor of almost anything done in front of the big black box.

if you're in a position to match up the 2r and center, by all means do so. don't forget the AVR will be driving them and from a good distance in most cases. not familiar with Gallo's offerings so this may not even come into play?. just something to keep in mind.

you'll be glad you did it.

Might want to consider a Conrad Johnson Met150 multi channel hybrid tube pre-amp. Hook everything to it for one click switching to and from tuner to cd, dvd ect, and it will improve all your players sound.
They are a steal right now at $3k, originally 8k$. A timeless piece that will be there as players come and go. Liked mine so much I bought the matching amp.
Right now I'm considering getting the Gall A'Diva Ti's for the rears, with the same for the center. I was looking at a Gallo center but space is limited due to room size. I would drive the l and r from the A5 and the center and rears from an AVR or separate amp. Am still debating whether to go with the a pre/pro and amps or AVR. I was hoping to keep the Ht side under $3500 for the speakers, AVR or combo and a blu ray (considering OPPO 83). I may be moving into a larger space two to three years down the road with a dedicated HT space. The CJ sounds interesting. Does it handle the latest HT formats or will I need other equipment?
The MET1 is a 5 channel Tube Linestage. It has multichannel imputs. If you had a Oppo 83, you would take the 5 channel analog outputs into the MET1 then to your amp. The processing would have to be done in the Oppo. The idea is to not have a processor but use the processor built into your player.