how to upgrade this digital front end ?

The last six years I am using an ARC CDT1 transport, a Genesis Digital Lens and an ARC DAC3 (first version) connected with Translite ST glass cable.

I wonder if there is a possible upgrade with vast improvements on the sound quality of redbook cd's, on a budget of 10,000 USD.

Any suggestions ?
Do you really mean $10,000? Wow! you can get 3 or 4 great CD players for that.
Less expensive suggestions are welcome, but it must be a vast improvement......
accuphase 75v, used or discounted, plus a few dozen redbook cd's. one box, no patchwork clock correction. run it direct to your amp if you wish. vast improvement, fur sure. -cfb
Pick up a used PS Audio P300 ($750ish). Keep the ATT/ST and see how it sounds without the digital lens between the transport and dac.
looking for vast improvements on redbook cd is an exercise in futility. you will find subtle improvements, if you listen super long and hard.
as cfb pointed out however, the ergonomic improvement gained by going to a one-box player may be considered 'vast'.
I agree with Cornfedboy. I'm using an Accuphase DP75 and I love its musical almost analog sound! The DP 75v is the latest version which also plays SACD's and has an even better decoder section. However, if you have your doubts about the future of the SACD format (as do I) and are content with the conventional CD redbook format, then you can save a bunch of cash by buying the 75 instead of the 75v if you can find one! And with the money that you save, you can buy a great turntable rig and PLENTY of audiophile vinyl and CD's!
Acouple suggestions. First I think you are wise to get the most from your red book CD's . The new foremat wars are not settled yet and unless you plan to dump all of your 44.1 CD's, get good playback equipment.

I went from a Krell kps 25 i/l to a wadia 27 i/x and 270 transport. Two units but they are connected with ATTglass cables. Wadia upsamples fron 44.1k to 256k. BIG.....I mean BIG DIFFERENCE (and the Krell was pretty good too.)

Others to consider are the new Krell unit. ARC has a CD3 player now for $4995 (new). Linn is great and so is accuphase. Except for ARC, you need to buy them used to get them for near $10,000
In a one-box unit under 10K, certainly don't overlook the Electrocompaniet EMC 1 Mk 2. Outstanding redbook for about 5K. Add a great platform (Mana/Neuance) and a FIM Gold power cord and you're up to a total of about 8K. Beyond this, separates will be required. They can easily tip the scales around 20K on up. Goodluck.
fatparrot: it's the accuphase 85v that plays sacd's. the 75v uses upsampling, unlike the earlier dp-75. the 75v can be upgraded to serve as an sacd dac, but its transport will not output an sacd signal. -cfb.
1) Get a Naim CDS2. Better and completely different than any digital I've heard. If you want more traditional CD sound, try the new Accuphase DP 85. 2) Try putting an ExactPower or Power Plant on your CD unit; a precisely controlled AC feed does wonders for digital.
Thanks for your reactions so far. With regard to the AC power: I'm already using a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and P300 Multiwave PowerPlant with powercords from Wireworld, BMI, Electraglide and Marigo. Analogue front end: SME 20A turntable with SME V arm and van den Hul Black Beauty cartridge.
Try an Audio Tekne cd transformer between your dac and transport.It made an unbelievable improvement to an already excellent Audiomeca Mephisto II and the enkianthus dac combo. I am not sure what the technology is due to the unreadable English translation but it took out all the glare and relaxed the highs without taking away from the music.
I had my mind elsewhere when I wrote about the DP-75v. I still love the performace/price ratio of the DP-75 (earlier version). B.T.W. have you had the oppurtunity to A/B the 75 with the 75v? What did you think?
fatparrot: yes i've a/b'd the accuphase dp-75 and 75v several times. the 75v is a very big step up in sonic quality. better bottom end and midrange, much closer to top-of-the-heap analogue. -cfb